February Linkage

What Being A Straight Woman On Tinder Has Taught Me [Buzzfeed]

5 Things Pride And Prejudice Can Teach You About Men [Verily]

She’s Pretty, She’s Smart, And She’s Fun, So Why Don’t I Ask Her Out? [Verily]

St. Teresa and the Single Ladies [NYT]

Indian Women Are Never Taught How To Be Alone, And That’s A Problem [Buzzfeed]

Inadequate [Evlogia]

Telling women to apologize less isn’t about empowerment. It’s about shame. [Washington Post]
See also: Crap Apps

Loving Our Detractors [Morning Offering]

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January Linkage

You MAKE Me So Angry: How Do I Acquire the Spirit of Peace? [Roads from Emmaus]
Fr. Andrew Damick writes a fascinating post on Family Systems Theory and Orthodoxy. 

How to Stop Sexualizing Everything [The Federalist]
Passionate friendship may be the antidote to a culture drowning in sexualization.

My 89-Year-Old Grandma Taught Me How To Be Single [Thought Catalog]
On reasons not to get married.

The power of lonely [Boston Globe]
On things that are best done in solitude. 

I Changed My Mind: Why I Decided Not to Get Married [Urban Romance Online]
Deciding you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with your fiancé, after all.

Praise, validation, and encouragement [Book of Jubilation]
There’s a valuable core behind self-criticism—it points to a need for wholeness.

My husband read to me while I was sick. It changed our marriage. [WaPo]
The powerful influence of reading aloud—on the story and the relationship.

How to get married without losing friends or alienating people [WaPo]
It’s engagement season, y’all.

To Be Of Use [Marge Piercy]
A poem for the new year.


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December Linkage

bird+tree+grn+graphicsfairyOn Little-Known Saints [Not Because of Victories]

On Opting Out [Verily]

On Chastity and Wholemindedness [Sr. Vassa]

How Modern Working Mothers Manage Time [Verily]

When Are You Getting Married [GOARCH]

Dating Advice, Orthodox Style [OCF]

I Like My Women Like I Like My Coffee [Image]

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Friday Linkage: Brigid’s Getting Married edition

Short and sweet today because our beloved Brigid is getting married on Sunday and preparations and festivities are underway!

The Real Magic Behind All the Hype of a Wedding Day [Verily]

Weddings and Hometown Memories [Orson Scott Card]

Homily on Marriage [St. John Chrysostom]

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Friday Linkage

Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances To Get Coffee [New Yorker]

Why You Should Go To The Movies Alone [NYMag]

What I Learned About Marriage by Hiking the Camino with My Husband [Verily]

The Time I Ruined a Relationship Because I Tried to Be Perfect [Verily]

The Spinster Agenda [New Yorker]

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Friday Linkage

Happy 4th of July weekend!


Orthodoxy, marriage, and the State [Second Terrace]

On finding others more or less attractive with time [NY Times]

Happy brides vs. blue brides [Refinery29]

What to Expect from the First Year of Marriage [Verily]


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Friday Linkage

There is no vocation to married life [Edinburgh Housewife]

The Loneliness of Adult Women [Edinburgh Housewife]

Is Female Purity Bulls***? [Bad Catholic]

Future Phobic [Second Terrace]

Better questions than “What do you do? [Mrs Metaphor]

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Linkage: Love & Marriage Edition

Love Isn’t Just About Making Him Happy [Verily]

Marriage as a Lifetime of Suffering [Glory2GodForAllThings]

They do: The scholarly about-face on marriage [Boston Globe]

Share Fondness And Admiration [Gottman]

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Friday Linkage

You and Me Forever [Vimeo]

Wants vs Likes [Art of Manliness]

Can you learn life lessons from monks and nuns? [Guardian]

Dream or Sacrifice? [Second Terrace]

5 tips for ladies who prefer him to take the lead [Verily]


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Friday linkage

What does love look like? [Wonder]

Eight vows to make to yourself before marriage [Verily]

Men & Dating: Why the Pick-Up Scene Gets it Wrong [Art of Manliness]

Barbara Pym and the new spinster [New Yorker]

It’s OK to not want kids, but not OK to hate them. [Verily]


Memory eternal, Fr. Roman Braga.

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