Linkage: Love Advice

Love, Factually: Gerontologist Finds Formula for Happy Marriage [Cornell Chronicle]
A survey of 700 older and long-married people finds that certain clichés have a solid backing…

7 Marriage Tips to Ignore [APracticalWedding]
…and other clichés can be laid to rest.

Everything You Thought You Knew About L-O-V-E Is Wrong [Time]
Wait, comparing arranged marriages and Tindr? Huh. The more I hear from Aziz Ansari, the more I like. 

Forget Falling in Love With the Perfect Guy [Verily]
“We so easily fall into the habit of imagining, planning, and perfecting our lives—especially when it comes to the sort of relationships we’d like to have—that we often let our fantasy cheat us out of the real deal.”

Turn Towards Instead of Away [Gottman Institute]
What it means when your partner makes a bid for your attention. For example,

Text                                                          Subtext
How do I look?                                         Can I have your attention?
Let’s put the kids to bed.                           Can I have your help?
I talked to my sister today.                        Will you chat with me?
Did I tell you the one about…?                 Will you enjoy me?
Want to cuddle?                                        Can I have your affection?
Want to play Cribbage?                             Will you play with me?
I had a terrible lunch meeting today.         Will you help me destress?

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One thought on “Linkage: Love Advice

  1. gzt

    My standard advice is “Always go to bed angry”. It keeps the spice in life.

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