Linkage: Death to Self

To Die Alone [Mull Monastery]
“Once you entered marriage or monasticism, that Sacrament becomes your personal cross. Like any other cross it will kill you, but that is not something to run away from, but something to embrace.”

When ‘I’m Sorry’ Isn’t Enough: How to Apologize Properly [Verily]
“The issue isn’t resolved just because you said sorry. No, it’s not OK. And no, actually, I don’t feel better.”

Accept Your Partner’s Influence [Gottman]
“Remember, if one of you is winning, then both partners are losing.”

Amanda Palmer: Playing the Hitler Card [New Statesman]
“I received a string of emails and voicemails from local Bostonians who wanted to tell me, in private, that they, too, had felt empathy and compassion and even concern for this 19-year-old kid [Dzhokhar Tsarnaev]. But they dared not say it aloud.”

Love [Morning Offering]
“Prayer is born of love, while fault-finding, idle talk and self-indulgence are the death of prayer.”

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