Linkage: Good stuff edition

The Manliest Church of All? [David Dunn]

In Defense of Wasting Your Life [Eve Tushnet]

Interesting conclusions from research on Interfaith marriages [Austin Institute]

How to Pick Your Life Partner [Wait But Why]

God is faithful, but we’re not marrying God [Simcha Fisher]

Typical Misconceptions Single People Have About Married Life [The Crescat]

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4 thoughts on “Linkage: Good stuff edition

  1. Man, I really hate the FMG article that one guy is talking about. More than that silly “12 things you should know” article.

  2. I had a discussion with a couple of my friends about the “manliness” of Orthodoxy just the other day. It seems that the spirituality that grew up in the East Roman Empire and spread throughout the Slavic lands (i.e. “Byzantine”) has a much more “masculine” flavour. It’s more dynamic – there’s a kind of directed chaos in the liturgy, as those of us who have served in the altar or kliros can testify. Compare that to the Western approach, which might be considered a bit more on the “feminine” side. I think “contemplative” might be a better descriptor. The celebration and singing of the mass and the office is structured and in a sense designed for silent meditation – the strict approach to the actions of the liturgy and the chanting of the psalms, with very specific motions that have to be done in a particular way and a particular time, with nothing extraneous. Both ways have the same practical result, the engaging of the body and mind, in a sense “freeing” our spirit so we can “get out of our heads” and turn our focus on God. How they go about it is quite different though. For my part I prefer the Western way.

  3. I thought the “Wait But Why” article was excellent. Especially the advice to know what it is you’re looking for.

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