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Halloween poetry

Theme in Yellow

By Carl Sandburg

I spot the hills
With yellow balls in autumn.
I light the prairie cornfields
Orange and tawny gold clusters
And I am called pumpkins.
On the last of October
When dusk is fallen
Children join hands
And circle round me
Singing ghost songs
And love to the harvest moon;
I am a jack-o’-lantern
With terrible teeth
And the children know
I am fooling.
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Words of Wisdom

Do not make hard and fast decisions over anything in the future, for you are a created being and your will is subject to changes. Decide in whatever matters you have to reach a decision, but without fixing in your mind that you will not be moved to other things. For it is not by small changes in what you eat that your faithfulness is altered: your service to the Lord of all is performed in the mind, in your inner person; that is where the ministry to Christ takes place.

St. John the Solitary, Letter to Hesychias

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Little Good Things

When you pay attention to the little things, do you pay attention to the good ones as well as the red flags?
We’re not talking traits here–as Anna said recently, “Qualities that I want in a man are not qualities that you want in a man, which are not qualities that Jane wants in a man. ”  We’re talking simple, observable actions that often slip under the radar, but ones that are frankly awesome.

Does he have compassion and patience when dealing with rude or clumsy waitresses?

Does he make time for the 4-year-old who wants to show off her new sneakers, the old woman who’s worried her Google is broken, the intellectually-disabled guy who wants to tell him a story, or the irritating 11-year-old who can only talk video games?

Does he take the lead when there’s a job to do?

Does he jog over to open a door for someone struggling with an armload of packages?

Does he react with amusement and keep his cool when things go awry?

Does he grab his neighbors’ empty plates after coffee hour?

Does he navigate conflict without striking back or giving up?

What are some little things you’ve noticed about the men in your life that you respect, admire, or appreciate?

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Linkage: Dating edition

Hey all, 

Are you interested in publishing a guest post here on Orthogals? Got a specific topic you’d like us to tackle?  Drop us a line

And now, links:

The Dating World of Tomorrow [NYT]

Active vs. Passive dating [Acculturated]

Despite the fact that we will view our experiences as applying to others, more often than not they don’t. So instead of telling those jaded daters what they should be doing differently, it’s better to ask a simple question. How’s it going out there? Be prepared to hear some fascinating responses.

Ladies, It’s Time to Raise Our Dating Expectations [Acculturated]

When it Comes to Love, Timing is Everything [Acculturated]

The Crush Feedback Loop [Mara Wilson]

Dating on the Autism Spectrum [Atlantic]

Say Yes to Dating [Verily]

What I learned from ’40 Days of Dating’ [Verily]

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Words of Wisdom

Joan Didion on self-respect:

  • Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price.
  • To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves–there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.
  • Character — the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life — is the source from which self-respect springs.
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Update: Bingo version 2.0 is here!


Holiday season is coming. Order your card now! Don’t delay!

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And the winners are…

Drumroll, please….

Scent of Holiness goes to…

Teena H. Blackburn

Words For Our Time’s proud new owner is…


And the Patristic Treasury will find its new home with…

Joan Burke McDonald

But wait, there’s more!  Behind Door Number 3…

For those of you who didn’t win, we have a fantastic consolation prize,  your very own printable Cliché Bingo Card: Singles Edition.  The holidays are coming up, and it’s best to come prepared.

It’s hard enough to survive Aunt Edna’s liverwurst stuffing, but when you add in Granny Myrtle nagging about your future babies?  Oy!

Be sure to print yours out in time for your next family gathering or anywhere well-meaning yia-yias/babushki are gathered.  First person to announce a Bingo on Facebook gets bragging rights!  (No fair reusing last year’s, and there are no tangible prizes involved.)

click here for BINGO

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Linkage: Best of the Blog… so far

Yep, this week’s linkage is all stuff from your very favorite blog.  Or, all right, OUR very favorite blog.

#1, created with the help of Readers Like You™:

The Blessings of Singlehood

And the rest, in chronological order:

(Un)Common Courtesy

Define the Relationship

Questions to Ask Yourself

On Headship

Creep Factor

Are We Responsible for Another’s Feelings?

Dating the Secular

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Words of Wisdom

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?


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Ancient Faith Giveaway

Okay, ladies and gents, we have a rather exciting announcement to make.  This week we’re having our very first giveaway, sponsored by Ancient Faith Publishing.

Some of you may remember AFP when it was called Conciliar Press.  They’ve published many classics and favorites, including Frederica Mathewes-Green and Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon.  I remember poring over the Conciliar Press catalogue as a kid the way my ancestors read Sears-Roebuck before Christmas.  They have books and e-books, music, jewelry, icons, greeting cards, all sorts of pretty things.

Ancient Faith Ministries is also the organization behind Ancient Faith Radio, which offers both music and podcasts.  At this point they’re averaging over 600,000 podcast downloads a month from over 150 different countries, which is kind of stunning.  Their music streaming has saved my sanity more than once, especially if I was home sick on a feast day or trying to work/study while keeping a taste of Lent around.

And the really cool news?  They want to give you books.

PATRISTICA Patristic Treasury

The writings of the Church Fathers are regularly lauded but rarely read, partly because their sheer volume is so daunting. Yet they constitute the “first story” of the Christian faith, built upon its apostolic foundation, which we ignore at our peril. Patristic scholar James Payton has made the Fathers easily accessible by selecting passages that are devotionally stimulating, doctrinally thought-provoking, or epigrammatically striking. With his help, the average Christian can find stimulation, comfort, challenge, and inspiration in the Church Fathers.

The Scent of HolinessScent_of_Holiness

Every monastery exudes the scent of holiness, but women’s monasteries have their own special flavor.
Join Constantina Palmer as she makes frequent pilgrimages to a women’s monastery in Greece and absorbs the nuns’ particular approach to their spiritual life. If you’re a woman who’s read of Mount Athos and longed to partake of its grace-filled atmosphere, this book is for you. Men who wish to understand how women’s spirituality differs from their own will find it a fascinating read as well.

WordsForOurTimeWords for Our Time

The twentieth-century elder Abba Matta of Egypt, known in the West as Matthew the Poor, is widely regarded as the greatest Egyptian elder since St. Antony the Great. …Abba Matta had a marvelous ability to communicate the deepest spiritual truths in the simplest and most practical language, making them accessible to laypeople as well as monastics. He speaks to the heart rather than the head, gently exhorting the reader to pursue a deeper life in Christ. To read these talks is to sit at the feet of one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our age.

So here’s the drill:

You can enter 3 ways.  First, comment on this post and give us the title of the book (or gift) you like best from AFP’s website.  For the second entry, like us on Facebook (or already-have-liked us).  And the third entry comes from (publicly) sharing this post on Facebook or your blog.  After you like us on FB and share the post, leave a separate comment for each action.

In other words, a person who comments here with their favorite AFP book will get one entry.  If she then likes us on FB she should leave another separate comment saying she did so; this will get her a second entry.  And if she shares a link to this giveaway on her blog or FB wall, she should leave a final separate comment for her third entry with the URL.

The contest closes Sunday night (10/20/13) at 11:59pm.  The 3 winners will be declared a week from today and notified via the email given when commenting.  The winners will have 2 days to claim their prize before we pick an alternate.  Each person can only win one book.

Good luck!

– – –

P.S. Not too late to get in touch for details on the Chicago get-together tonight.  We’d love to see you.

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