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Book Review: The Other Side of the Bonfire

cover_bonfireOrthodox fiction can be rather hard to come by, especially Orthodox fiction that wasn’t written two hundred years ago in the Old Country. (NB: There is nothing wrong with two-hundred-year-old novels from the Old Country. I quite enjoy them. However, it’s not what I’d choose to read in a bubble bath or after a hard day*.)

And, with Lent coming up, I figured it’d be worth finding a few novels that weren’t guilty pleasures–romance sans sex, cohabitation, and codependency. Then again, just because I want my romance clean doesn’t mean I want it bland.

I recently stumbled across three Orthodox novels, all of which I enjoyed, so I figured I’d do a few brief book reviews. This first one isn’t without sex or cohabitation. In fact, the novel opens with Jewel discovering that her live-in boyfriend has been cheating on her.

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