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Call for Submissions

bankoftruelove2.jpegThe dating book we want isn’t out there. Yet.

Let’s do a series of roundtables. Topics like how to navigate and survive the dating process, online dating,¬†and how to court with an eye towards marriage.

Articles written by individual contributors or reposted from other blogs will be welcome. There may be a place for satire or illustrations. Discussion will be welcome.

This will be collaborative. We will make mistakes. We will disagree, and we’ll record both sides. We will laugh and tick each other off. But slowly and surely, through collective wisdom, we’ll get somewhere.

If you’re a single Orthodox woman interested in participating in the round-tables or articles, submit your information through the Contact Us link in the upper right. We would love to have you. This is primarily by and for Orthodox women.

If you’re a married Orthodox woman or an Orthodox man interested in participating in guest posts or interviews, please, submit your information. You are also most welcome.

Let’s do this.

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